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Lasting Solutions to Cellulite

It’s great to be back! I am sorry for the break even though it provided me a much needed holiday. I thoroughly enjoyed it except for one major side effect- weight gain accompanied by the unsightly appearance of cellulite on the lower parts of my body. The hips, thighs and buttocks might not be the first thing people notice about ...

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Tips to Improve Your Wellbeing in the New Year

Majority of us suffer from restlessness or insomnia at some point in our lives leaving us feeling tired, stressed and unable to function properly. To prevent, this more attention should be paid to diet, lifestyle choices and stress which are usually the major causes.   Below are tips that can help you stay healthy and improve your general wellbeing in the ...

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Have A Fresh And Flawless Look This Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, there appears to be an increasing pressure on personal grooming due to mounting invitations to endless end-of-the-year parties, carols, concerts, festivals, weddings, and other social events. The season usually has many women on a shopping spree wanting to be at their best for every single event. Preparing for the ‘party season’ can sometimes be overwhelming ...

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