Tassel Loafers: Mens Ideal

Transcending other shoe styles, tassel loafers have become increasingly popular over the past year with many fashionable men. Interestingly, this piece of footwear was not initially offered by many; despite its growing popularity and wide-reaching appeal. High street fashion has since caught up and – especially for the men who like to step out in style and trend this season – we now have a wide choice of styles and finishes available in this statement item. The appeal of tassel loafers is understandable. They are adaptable to both casual and formal outfits, have an aura of sophistication around them and instantly bring your look up a notch when worn with more casual attire.

You would be mistaken to think that tassel loafers cannot be worn with a suit. Even 97A24DBLK_large-634666579845881622-150 97F61CBRN_large-634666579880113580-150   if you have a limited appetite for experimenting, combining traditional black leather tassels with a dark suit achieves that typical Ralph Lauren, ‘Great Gatsby’, gentleman look. The ability to pair with a suit boils down to style and quality. Suits are formal, so you should be looking for a more formal style of loafer. This means structured shapes in high quality leather – ideally you want something that has a slight shine to it, so you can continue to polish and buff them to an acceptable office standard.

In terms of colour, you should be looking at the timeless hues of brown and black if you want to wear them with a suit. Thanks to their character, tassel loafers have a natural leaning towards casual. Buying them in suede leather is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to sport tassels as part of a relaxed weekend look.

185667_mrp_in_l-634666579871153068-15097F46CTAN_large-634666579883633782-150This is a shoe that looks superb without socks, due to their inherently low profile and slip-on nature. Why not try a suit, no socks and shirt? It would be perfect for weddings, garden parties and the like. Casual or formal, the tassel loafers is gradually becoming a style piece for the discerning man with a conscious “feet statement”.  On a pair of shorts, suit or just the regular pair slim jeans, you’ll look outstanding.

Notice the amount of styles and colours available. There are deck shoe inspired silhouettes, loafer/brogue hybrids, contrast soles, thick vibram soles and everything in between. There really is a style of loafer for every personal taste this year.

H-by-Hudson-Mens-Tyska-Brown-Shoes-1-634666579855752187-150The tassel loafers have seen a recent spike in popularity. Far from being a fashion fling, these are a true investment piece and an item worthy of a distinguished gentleman. Their character offers versatility and sophistication, which makes them perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

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