Signs Of Sexual Abuse In Children

Child sexual abuse involves any form of sexual activity between a
child and an adult or older adolescent. These activities include
fondling a child’s genitals, making them child touch someone else’s
genitals, exposing one’s genitals to children, pressurizing a child
for sex, using a child for pornography, showing pornography to a
child, rape, sodomy etc. Most sexual abusers are known to the child
they abuse. This is because abusers are often family friends,
neighbors, relatives or domestic helps. Both male and female children
can be sexually abused. Most parents tend to believe that sexual abuse
cannot happen to their own children. They see it as other people’s
problem. A lot of women with jobs that make leave more of the caring
for their kids to others will be shocked that their children are being
sexually abused right under their noses by people they are feeding
with their money.
The following are signs you need to watch out for to ascertain if
child/ward is being sexually abused.
Does your child report nightmares, sleeping problems or situations
or suddenly starts to bed wet? Did he /she suddenly become withdrawn or
clingy? Does your child act out in an inappropriate sexual ways with
toys or objects? Has she become unusually secretive? Does she exhibit
sudden unexplained mood swings or personality changes and seem
insecure? Does she have unaccountable fear for particular places or
people? Any unexplained soreness or bruises around genitals or mouth?
Does she have difficulty in walking or sitting? Does she experience a
sudden change in appetite, refuses to participate in physical
activities, demonstrate bizarre sophisticated or unusual sexual
knowledge or behavior? Has your child ever reported sexual abuse by
someone close to him or her? Other signs include persistent or
recurring pain during urination and bowel movements; wetting and
soiling incidents unrelated to toilet training; pain, discoloration,
bleeding or discharges in genitals, anus or  mouth.
A single sign cannot determine a case of sexual abuse but the presence
of several signs definitely should give a parent reason for concern.
Next week we’ll discuss how to recognize someone prone to sexually
abusing children.

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