DABZ HAIR: Top Class Yet Affordable Human Hair

DABZ hair may be new in the Nigerian hair market, but have within that short space of time gathered so much positive reviews. With quality rivaling or even surpassing other human hair available over the counter, DABZ hair is set to take over the Nigerian Human hair market. In this interview with our Correspondent, FRANCIS OGBONNA, Lolita Obioha, brand Manager, DABZ hair speaks on what makes it Distinct. Excerpts…

Tell us a little about Dabz hair?

We have two varieties of product, the human and virgin hair. They both come in different lengths, sizes, colours and curls.

What is the difference between your regular human hair and the virgin hair?

IMG00034-20120809-0830They are almost the same, but slightly different in some areas. While the Human hair is usually treated, the Virgin is not. Nevertheless, for someone who doesn’t know much about weave-on, when you look at them, it will be difficult for you to spot the differences, but most people go for the human hair…

Why so?

Which one is classier among the two of them?

They are both classy…

How is the Human hair treated?

They are actually human hair, but treated with some chemicals before they are sold. However I think most people prefer the human. This is so because if well managed it last longer than the virgin hair. You can fix and remove; you can wash and dye it. You can also style it in whatever you want as long as you know how to maintain it, you know? All you need do is just rub the cerium once in a while, not all the time though and when you want you can then remove for a while and then use again whenever you want to.

How often do you have to rub the cerium?

IMG00019-20120806-0858Like twice in a week, but it depends on the individual. Some people like fuller hair, but when you rub cerium on it makes the hair flat. When you rub it all the time it makes the weave-on shed while you are combing. Bottom line it spoils the weave-on.

The cerium is it something you can get readily over the counter?

Yes, you can get it the market…

Can it be used on one’s natural hair?

Yes I use it on my hair too, but it is mainly for human hair (weave-on). When I use it on my hair, it hardly gets dried.

Let’s try to compare between synthetic and human weave-on, which one is better?

There is actually no basis for comparison; the human hair is by far better than the synthetic hair…

Why is that so?

For one, it does not tangle. You can carry it for 3 weeks and it still won’t tangle, unlike the synthetic hair that starts to tangle after one week; that is if it stays up to a week. It gets tangled and the tip begins to look like a sponge. The price too is another thing; synthetic weave-on is usually cheaper, obviously because the quality is lesser. While you can get synthetic from N500 and above, you can’t get the human for less that N4,000 depending on the length.

picmix-1812014-112257Is Human hair that cheap? I used to think that it goes for N60, 000 and above? Like the Brazilian hair?

Not really, it depends on the length. Brazilian hair is still the same; it is human hair as well. Everything depends on your source that is the company that supplies you the hair, but bottom line they are all human hair. Dabz is actually affordable. We source ours from Brazil as well.

What makes Dabz different from every other human hair in the market?

For one it is very affordable. Two it does not tangle or shed, you can die or curl as well.

What are the different length sizes you have?

We have 10; 12; 14; 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 32 inches. 32 inches is about the longest and the longer they are the costlier they get.

When did DABZ come into the Nigerian market?

It came in January 2014, we just started…

So what has the reception been like since you started?

It’s been really great; we have already exhausted the first shipment. The 2nd will be here soon. People are actually asking for more.

Where do you see DABZ in the next 5 years?

We see DABZ going outside Nigeria and taking over Africa’s hair market. We see it becoming a name that resonates with the female folk in Africa…

If you are asked to describe DABZ hair in one word what would that be?



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