2015 Polls And Boko Haram

The recent massacre of yet another 106 Nigerians in Izghe community in Borno State by the dreaded Islamic Sect Boko Haram seems to point to the fact that there seems to be no end in sight in these killings of innocent Nigerians and perhaps the Federal Government is no doing enough to stop this massive destruction of lives and properties. Government officials have often argued that they have done enough to stop those carrying out the dastardly act. They argue that aside the amnesty proposal which the sect has refused to embrace massive education and awareness programs have been established through the State government and jobs are created to engage the people.

December 2013 the State governor Kassim Shettima gave out 2000 tricycles to youths in all the local government areas to help alleviate poverty and give employment but sadly the Islamic sect is not embracing any of these initiatives to drop arms. This buttresses the feeling that perhaps there are foreigners involved in the whole activities and attacks of Boko Haram especially when it is considered that it surprisingly carried out a successful attack inside an Army Barracks where family members of soldiers numbering about 20 were killed recently

That singular act may have informed the Presidency decision to sack the service chiefs and appoint new ones to ensure that Boko Haram is flushed out. But sadly the new service chiefs were confronted last week with the reality that if Boko Haram would be flushed out then they need to roll up their sleeves and get involved in the operations of the Joint Military Task Force in Borno. By last week’s attack Boko Haram has proven that it has better tactics and strategies and perhaps more sophisticated weapons as claimed by the few who escaped its last week’s attack.

As the sect gets more sophisticated in its operation daily, it is indeed frightening situate the present activities of the sect with what is expected in 2015 when the Federal Government and the Presidency would be very busy traveling throughout the nooks and crannies of the nation campaigning for the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan. Suffice it to mean that Boko Haram will have a field day in 2015 killing and destroying Nigerians at will. Many have raised fears that with the political activities and tension in 2015 the Boko Haram could even gain entrance into major capital cities just like it did in the bombing of the Police Force Headquarters in Abuja. Indeed danger looms in 2015 if solution to the menace of Boko Haram is not found.

It is really sad that Nigerians are already losing count of the attacks of the Boko Haram and even the number of dead which is increasing by day. Perhaps government should come up with more measures to persuade the sect to embrace the amnesty proposal. It has been said that members of the sect are not convinced enough that government is sincere with its amnesty proposal. Reports suggest that members of the sect feel that the amnesty proposal is a ploy to make them lay down arms after which they would be arrested and prosecuted.

May be government should focus on how best to get them involved in the whole process of amnesty by being transparent enough and playing down on military actions. Recall that the US had sought to help Nigeria out with its anti-terrorism group but that request was turned down by the Nigerian government on ground that it can solve its internal problem and therefore needs no external forces or aid. But it does appear that the country needs help in that area especially as we approach 2015 and given the massive death toll record in each vicious attack of Boko Haram.

Though the US may apply military force and tactics to bring the activities of Boko Haram to an end but it has said that military force will be the last resort which implies that it has better means of engaging the people and members of the sect. the Federal government should embrace this opportunity to end the wanton killings and destruction of properties of innocent and law abiding Nigerians.




It is a shame that our politicians who we supposedly voted into office are toying with our collective interest as a people. The whole drama of defection from one party to another is really laughable and it speaks volume of how much our politicians value our votes, interests and rights. If there is anyone or group that should determine whether a politician can defect from one party to another it is we the electorates who in the first place voted them into power or office.

We voted them into office on account of how much trust and believe we had for the political parties as at the time of the elections. So if the political parties are no longer trustworthy it is we the voters that should judge or determine. But the way and manner they are going about the whole thing makes it look like we are not important. We are waiting for them in 2015. I hope that other voters like me should learn from the ugly attitude of the politicians and ensure we vote them out of office come 2015. They have to go back to where they were before the 2011 elections.

This madness cannot continue. Thank God our military has been confined to the barracks if not the kind of attitude of our politicians would have attracted a coup to sweep most of them out of office. But that coup we the electorates will carry out in 2015 by using our votes to sweep them out of power. We are really tired of them. There is no truth in them and no single politician in this country meant well for Nigerians. They are all selfish.

-Abdul Nasr Jabaal, Abuja.

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