Let’s Rally Round Woman With Quadruplets

Nigerians are good people with good hearts. Despite the fact that the economic situation in the country is harsh and that politicians have continued to make the country a difficult place to live, Nigerians still remain one of the best set of people in the world. Nigerians help even when they are not called to do so. They render helpful services once they realize that the man next needs help. This kind heart is what is required at the moment for the family of one commercial driver in Enugu State, Ezeugwu whose wife put to bed and was delivered of quadruplets recently.

The woman Mrs. Nkiru Ezeugwu just 32 gave birth to two boys and two girls at the Mother of Christ Hospital in Enugu in her very first pregnancy. She has called on all Nigerians to come to the aide of her family as herself and husband cannot take care of the family of six. This clarion call is what Nigerians should honour. She has beckon on her people which is the larger Nigerians family with hope that she will definitely get answers to.

When Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) of Lagos sponsored the trip of sick actress Ngozi Nwosu (a.k.a Peace Yellow Paw-paw) of the Fuji House of Commotion fame, the amiable governor did not care to know which tribe the ace actress came from. He supported the needy and today she is back on her fit, hale and hearty. Recent ace artiste, OJB Jezreel was flown abroad for medication and well meaning Nigerians rallied round him especially his colleague in the music industry 2Face Idibia. OJB is back doing well and full of thanks to those who stood by him to save his life.

Though Mrs. Ezeugwu is not sick but her situation is more than that of a sick patient. She desperately needs help to save her four children and herself given that she was delivered of the babies through caesarean session which meant that she lost lot of blood. We don’t have to wait till people are confirmed to be in state of coma before we show love. This family (The Ezeugwus) really needs support at this point like never before.

Recall that after the encounter between Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State and the widow whose wares were thrown away during an environmental sanitation exercise and she was asked to go and die, the governor realizing his mistakes went back to the widow and wipe away her tears and of course put some smiles on her face again. She was given money to boost her business and also employed by the State Government.

Mrs. Ezeugwu may need such help at this point. If not for her directly she could benefit through her husband. Governor Sullivan Chime should be magnanimous to give the man employment with the state mass transit scheme. That could help Gov. Chime score a cheap political point especially now that he is rounding off in office. This could be the icing on the cake for the embattled governor who is fighting so many wars from several angles. Aside the near scandal he managed to cover up in his wife’s alleged ailment, Chime is presently engrossed in a cold war with deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu over the latter’s interest to succeed him as governor since he (Chime) has declared intention to be in the senate in 2015 which means that Ekweremadu will be recalled because both men are from the same senatorial district.

An opportunity for the governor to win the hearts of Enugu people has presented itself on a platter of gold. Chime should set the ball rolling by rendering a huge helping hand to the Ezeugwus.




I want to commend you for your thorough investigative job on the menace of insecurity in Bariga and Shomolu axis which was published last week. You have proven once again that you are indeed prepared to take over the tabloid market. The mere fact that your reporters were on ground to do a thorough job is most interesting. That is the kind of stories we want to read. Again I must say kudos for your interview with my Nollywood star, Mercy Johnson Okojie. That interview was splendid.

You are really distinguishing yourself from the crowd. I can only wish you well and say more grease to your journalistic elbow. Reading your paper weekly makes my weekend complete. I salute your professional capability.

-Francis Audu, Katsina Ala, Benue State



You made my weekend cool last week with your juicy stories particularly the interview with Mercy Johnson. I was also stunned by the story of the Pastor who caught his wife in bed with her lover. You guys are really blowing my mind but I must confess that you need to show us more photographs of these weak minded Nigerians. You will agree with me that photographs tell stories more so we need more photographs please.

In this computer age you can get photographs with just a snap of the fingers. You could commission people to send you photographs via any electronic devices or means available to you. However I salute your courage for doing what you are doing. So far, so good. Keep it up.

-Mary Oluwaseyi Adigun, Lokoja, Kogi State.

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