Will Mbu’s Departure Bring Peace In Rivers

The feeling in political circles especially within the All Progressives Congress (APC) fold is that the redeployment of Rivers State Police Commissioner, Mbu Joseph Mbu from Port Harcourt to Abuja is victory to the party in particular and democracy at large. This is due to the crises in the troubled state which has made Mbu hero on one part and a villain on the other.

To pro-government and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) die hard stalwarts, Mbu is the kind of loyal civil servant every political chieftain can pray for but to the opposition, Mbu is just a curse to the entire Police Force and to humanity. Whichever side of the divide anyone chooses one thing is obvious Mbu is a police officer who must first of all be loyal to his employers, his boss and by extension to the Nigerian people.

Now that he has been redeployed to Abuja, what is the fate of those he was perceived to be protecting their interest for instance the Education Minister, Chief Nyesom Wike who has vowed that Gov. Chibuike Amaechi will not know rest unless he leaves office. Surely whoever will take over from Mbu as Commissioner for Police in Rivers State will naturally continue from where the man stopped and that means he will be loyal to Abuja politicians and their allies.

And with the continuous face-off between Amaechi and Wike who many believes is doing the Presidency’s bidding surely the incoming Police Commissioner will have his hands filled and more headache than Mbu. Soonest it would be clear to all that Mbu is not the problem after all. this suggest that until Wike and Amaechi is ready to sheathe their swords for the good of the state trouble is yet to be over.

Again the 2915 polls which both men are battling over who controls the state is another agenda that will not allow a lasting peace in Rivers State. At the moment the battle for the soul of the state is on. Amaechi on one side with his APC troop and Wike on the other with his PDP machinery. It is a known fact Wike wants to succeed Amaechi as governor but how that can be possible with the power of incumbency which Amaechi flaunts is yet to be seen. In other words, the real trouble with Rivers State will emerge clearer now that Mbu has taken his exit. One fact keeps staring Rivers people in the face and it is how they will keep folding their arms to allow a few persons under the aegis of politics to ruin the state just for their personal or political interest.

It is therefore expected that with Mbu’s departure peace will eventually rain in Rivers State but that will depend on how the average Rivers person react to the situation on ground. Rivers State is beyond and bigger than Amaechi and Wike!



Ore of Crime Stories

I enjoyed the story of the woman who poisoned her son describing him as a bastard. Though the story is pathetic it really reveals what is going on in our society today. You have proven with time that we are really king of tabloid. I therefore appeal to you to give more of these stories which is of human interest. Truth is that we are tired of political stories and the lies about the state of our economy. We want to read something that is within our immediate environment and not the choking stuff from Abuja which most times make Nigerians look like fools. Honestly the politicians are taking us for a ride and it is high time you media guys stop reporting their mess ups to discourage them from their corrupt practices. Each time they see themselves on the cover of newspapers they feel on top of the world as if they are doing something meaningful. We have to begin to ignore them and the only way to do this is to serve the people or readers something that does not concern politics.

-Abayomi Famakinde, Ajangbadi, Lagos 

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