Wavestore: Integrity In Digital Recording

Wavestore is the developer of industry leading video management software (VMS) recognised worldwide for its simple install and ease of use. The open platform design enables simultaneous recording from combinations of analogue, IP, megapixel, multi-megapixel, HD, HD-SDI and thermal cameras. Natasha Onuora, Executive Director, Pipeline Procurement and Logistic limited, the sole Franchisee for Wavestore in Nigeria, in this interview with our Correspondents, STEPHEN AYA and FRANCIS OGBONNA, spoke on what makes Wavestore thick and other features. Excerpt…

Tell us about Wavestore?

Wavestore provide equipment that streams and record digital events. Wavestore servers’ record and stream images from one viewing equipment to another. They could be in the same location or in another city or country. Wavestore comes as hardware infrastructures and service the media, oil industry, and telecommunications majorly. In other climes, where you have subway trains or have things that happen subterranean, our equipment is built to capture what happens in such terrains, either in audio or audio-visual format. They provide the backbones from which you can stream such data.  That is basically what wavestore is about. Like in huge hotels abroad where you have major casinos (major Casinos can pan up to the length of a football pitch), with various activities going on simultaneously. Sometime the situation, because of the magnitude of events taking place may be dicey. Your staff could connive with some customers to cheat or somebody could be failing on his responsibilities, Wavestore could help you capture, process and transmit this information to where they are needed for immediate action.

Does Wavestore have cameras for sale as well?

Not really. What we provide here are backup equipments that could help you do all other things like store, analyse, transmit or deploy information. So the client could get his camera from elsewhere but to effectively process information, wavestore is the place to be.

What makes Wavestore different from products of the same caliber?

Wavestore is one of the pioneers of such activities so we have age and experience at our disposals. Our systems are also very durable and can withstand power surges of the toughest kind. We have systems that can withstand high voltage influx; products with internally built inverters which make them able to keep transmitting long after there are power outages. We are in so many cities of the world and are handling so many business projects for governments across virtually all the continents of the world.

Who are you target audiences?

Anyone that deals with data!  Companies, institutions and individuals everybody needs data. There are companies today which exist solely for managing data. With wavestore, their jobs are easier and done more effectively. No matter how large those data are, Wavestore have a server for them. Whether you are in the media, breweries, telecoms, banks, examination bodies or institutions like WAEC and JAMB, everybody needs data.

Do you have a central server where all the data your clients collect go to or you provide individual data for each client?

What we do majorly is provide servers for individual clients according to their needs. However, they may desire to contact us to also provide a back up for them. This back up could be either a physical or virtual backup server, which means that whatever data they have in their own server; they have a duplicate of it being stored elsewhere, although it is optional. You could also have multiple backups as well. For example, we have a client whose home town is in Rivers state while his business is in Lagos, what he did was to keep his backup in Rivers, another in Enugu and elsewhere, so in case he has issues with that of Lagos, his data are secured elsewhere in other location.

Wavestore Video Recorders

Sometimes servers are liable to be hacked into, do you systems or backups that are hack-proof, if I may use that word?

Yes with regards to security of information or data, Wavestore has the best anywhere in the world. Wavestore wrote its own programme and as a testimony, Wavestore is the only server approved for use by the London Metropolitan Police and the Bank of England (Britain’s Central Bank). For the many years they have been doing this there has not been any breach in their system recorded.

What would be your answer to people who may not want to trust their data with another party?

This is the way our servers work. It is like you operating or using your laptop in your office or t the comfort of your home where it is passworded or encrypted. In fact, most servers have multiple passwords that can allow for various people to access information on it at different level of clearance. So any breech of information would be as a result of negligence or simply somebody given out a password to an unauthorized person.

When did Wavestore come into the Nigerian Market?

Wavestore has been in Nigeria for about 5 years plus.

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What has the reception been like for your products?

It’s been wonderful. A lot of companies have shown interest and even commissioned us to provide servers for them. As we speak we are even talking with some others. People today backup their data with us, some doing it monthly, others quarterly and half-yearly.

Where do you see Wavestore in the next 5 years?

With more and more people in Nigeria increasingly becoming interested in data collection and preservation, you know? Not just collecting and putting them in files as it has always been, Wavestore will definite become the mainstay.

Thank you very much for you time.

You are welcome

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