Police Brutality: Man Shot Dead By Trigger Friendly Policeman in Lagos

There was pandemonium in Agbado area of Lagos State today as an innocent man was shot dead by a trigger friendly policeman.

The man who left his house somewhere in Agbado this morning to make money for his family, little did he know that he would not return to see the beautiful faces of his family members again.

The victim, a tricycle rider was shot at about 1p.m today (Monday).

According to an eye witness account, the victim was stopped by a policeman and asked for N50. The man who did not think he has done anything wrong refused to give the policeman the money as requested, which caused argument between them. As the argument heated up, the policeman allegedly shot the innocent man in anger. Realizing what he had done, he took to his heels.

The shooting caused serious demonstration by other tricycle riders in the area who took to the streets in protest of the killing of one of them in cold blood by a policeman who is supposed to be protecting lives and property.

As a result of the demonstration, there has been serious traffic jam in the area and fear in the heart of residents who are uncertain of what the riot could result in.

There have been reports of forceful extortion of money from commercial motorcycle (okada) and tricycle riders in Lagos in recent time.

Investigation is still ongoing to ascertain the identity of the victim.

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