Woman Poisons Baby Claims He Is A Bastard.

The Sibre Police Division, in Ardo-Kola local government area of Taraba State, recently arrested an 18-year-old, Ashai Abdullahi, for allegedly killing her three-month-old son, Ibrahim Ubale, by feeding him with a liquid suspected to be ‘otapiapia,’ a poisonous substance, which she bought for N200.

Narrating the incidence, Abdullahi admitted killing her child. She stated that she went to the Sibre Market, where she bought the substance which she administered to the baby, because the baby had been tagged a “bastard child” by her kin and neighbours.

Abdullahi said that she had received all manner of insults from people because of the baby. “People said that I was carrying a bastard child and that, even the man, Safiyanu Ubale, who is responsible for the pregnancy, denied it and left me to take care of the baby alone.

“Even my own mother complained that she had grown tired of taking care of me and my bastard child, whenever we had a misunderstanding”.

She said that she was prompted to end the life of her innocent child for these reasons.

According to Madam Maimuna Zakari who reported the case to the police, upon her arrival from Jalingo, she saw people gathered in the suspect’s compound. She rushed to the scene, where she learnt of the incidence.

“When I heard of what happened, I rushed into her house and took the baby to the police station and reported the case before I proceeded to the hospital where he was confirmed dead by a doctor. I took the child back home and handed the mother to the police officers, so that she can pay for her wicked act,” she said.

The mother of the suspect, Zainab Chindo, told reporters that the said Safiyanu Ubale was not responsible for her daughter’s pregnancy. “I took the matter to a court, where it was decided that she should go for a DNA test. The test proved negative, exonerating Safiyanu Ubale from the allegation,” she said. Checks with the police revealed that the force is aware of the case of culpable homicide.

The district police officer, Ukam Stephen, said that the suspect confessed to the crime and that the bottle containing the substance was found empty at the scene. Stephen confirmed that case has since been transferred to the state CID for necessary investigations.

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