This Is My Year-Peter Peiper

Upcoming artist Peter Piper has declared that the year 2014 is the year he hopes to break out on all fronts.

Speaking to our reporter during a visit to our office, piper whose real name is Balogun Oluwamyowa Peter said that he believes he will be in the forefront as the much awaited video for the hit single “Eregele” will be release before the end of the first quarter.

Peter, who started his music career in church, was a member of the teenage choir and then he was promoted to the church main choir, before his leaving to do music professionally in 2007. Between 2007 and now he has worked his way slowly to the present position where he is the president of his own recording label called “Small Man Mighty” swagger limited which markets “Eregele” and “Die for you”.

Eregele has enjoyed lots of airplay via UNILAG fm and both singles can listen to and downloaded online via and it is been marketed on one on one level.

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