Queen Ure Fan Club Visit Motherless Baby Home

Fans of Queen Ure penultimate Saturday paid a visit to the little saint motherless baby home Akuwonjo in Lagos.

Sporting yellow polo tee shirts, her fans first assembled at the Lagos state radio television premises before moving to the said destination in a convoy. On arriving at the motherless baby home they were welcomed by the Administrator, Little Saints Orphanage home, Akuwonjo, Mrs. Bose Ogunbanjo who thanked them for coming to visit and used the opportunity to call for more support as the work of taking care of these motherless saints is expanding and challenging at the same time. She then thanked Queen Ure and members of her fan club for visiting them.

Responding to the Administrator, Queen Ure expressed appreciation for the reception she and her fans received. She also went on to say that this is the first of many visits that she and the club will undertake to the home. Ure then went ahead to give an inspirational talk to the kids and promise to be back as soon as she can.

The Queen Ure fan Club took with them the following as gifts to the motherless baby home over hundreds of assorted milk and fruit juice packs; bags of rice; garri; Palm Oil; vegetable Oil; pampers; tissues papers and cartons of noodles. They all stated their intension to make such a visit as regular as they can.

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