I Want My $75,000 Coat Back-Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan lost half of her $75,000 fur coat on Wednesday night. ‘The Canyons’ actress walked out of New York’s 1Oak club with only one of the two pieces of her outer garment, and is now appealing for help getting it back.

One she realised her mistake upon leaving the club around 1am, Lindsay, 27, returned to look for it and called everyone who was sitting at her table to see if they had the other part.

Report holds that the only person she has not been able to get hold of is a NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks, although that doesn’t mean he knows anything about the coat’s whereabouts.

Ironically, Lohan managed to walk out of the same club in 2008 with another lady’s $12,000 mink coat. The rightful owner, Maria Markova, then sued the star claiming she kept it for two weeks and had even spotted her wearing it in a photo published in a magazine. The coat was later returned, with no explanation.

Lindsay has been teetotal and on her best behaviour since leaving a 90-day court ordered rehab stint last year and filming an eight-part reality series for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network about her comeback, which will air in March.

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