Crisis Rocks P-Square

…Over Peter’s Choice To Marry Lola

All appears not to be well with the Okoye brothers even as the double wedding bash for the pop duo P-Square has been scheduled for April in Dubai.

The purported misunderstanding between Peter, one-half of the pop duo, (P-Square) and his elder brother Jude “ENGEES”, who doubles as their manager over the former’s defiant stand to take his girlfriend Lola Omotayo as wife is the bone of contention even as the whole drama has taken a new twist.

“Till date, despite being in town, Jude is yet to congratulate the newlyweds overtly or even visited the couple since after their lavish traditional rites held last November in Lagos”, hints a family source.

Recall also that Jude Okoye was conspicuously absent from the November 17 wedding and didn’t travel with the twins on their subsequent musical tour to Dar-es- Salaam, Tanzania; Benin Republic and Togo. The explanation given was that Jude had been “very busy”.

However, impeccable sources told National Weekender that trouble actually started in 2008, while their mother was still alive. Peter had broken the news of Lola expecting his first child, a situation that provoked the wrath of the late Matriarch of the Okoye dynasty, aptly supported by Jude and Tony, the twins’ younger brother. According to Late Mrs. Josephine Okoye, Lola was a poor choice for a wife basically for the following reasons viz Lola, an ex-staff of Azzagai Advertising, is older (she is 6 years older than Peter) and secondly, she wasn’t from the eastern part of Nigeria as preferred by Mama.  The allegation that Lola was promiscuous and slept with her uncles was an afterthought and a desperate move by Jude to forestall their wedding. It is worthy of note that Paul on the other hand, had always been on the side of love and therefore supported his twin.

The source continued, saying to resolve the trouble then, the Okoyes reached an agreement that they would only accept the child, but Peter won’t marry Lola. This led Peter to send Lola to London where she lived until she put to bed. Again, according to our source, it was a move to avoid any family member of his visiting pregnant Lola if she was to stay back in Nigeria which could further create problems.

However with the demise of his mother, Peter perceived the coast was clear and not only did he rekindle his relationship with Lola, she took in again for their second child; proposed to her with a brand new Range Rover Jeep and married her in grand style.

This didn’t go down well with Jude who sources say was mummy’s boy and therefore maintained the status quo as it were Mama’s dying wish.

As at press time, Jude was not available to either debunk or affirm this story and in fact had refused to make any comment publicly on this issue. But our source says Peter and Paul have vowed to go ahead with their wedding in April whether Engees is in support or not.


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