CAC Pastor Dies In Pulpit

…As Popular Cele Prophet Passes On After Service

Death struck in the vineyard last Sunday (27 January, 2014) as Pastor Emmanuel Adedeji of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) who is renowned for his evangelical ministration died in Warri while preaching in the pulpit. Lagos-based Pastor Adedeji was invited by a branch of CAC in the oil rich city for a three day program that ended the day he died (last Sunday).

The program started with a crusade on Friday all through Saturday. By Sunday the guest Pastor was in the altar giving his sermon when he suddenly slumped to the consternation of the congregation. Initially the congregation thought he fell under the anointing but after few minutes and the man of God did not stand up, it dawned on all that something was really wrong. As the host Pastor and church members rushed to the pulpit, Pastor Adedeji had given up the ghost.

Pastor Ayodeji National Weekender was hinted lost his wife three months ago (October 2013) in mysterious circumstances. Their marriage lasted just five years with two children, a boy and girl aged 4 and 2. The Church in Warri is trying to work out his burial arrangement with members of his family as they have been informed of the unfortunate loss. Late Pastor Adedeji lives in Ajuwon-Iju area of Akute in Lagos. He is a respected evangelist (preacher) who travels on invitation from place to place spreading the gospel. His father who is also late was also a senior pastor of CAC.

In a similar development a popular Prophet of the Celestial Church of Church (CCC) at Angel Gabriel bus-stop along Mowo-Ado Odo road in Badagry, Prophet G.O Akinyemi died also last Sunday shortly after service. The highly respected Prophet who also resides within the church premises with members of his family was said to have gone to cut his hair after service at about 1:45pm on Sunday. He returned from the saloon and took his lunch. By evening of the fateful day he attended to visitors in the ever-busy church and by 10:15pm he retired to bed.

Prophet Akinyemi who hails from Ogun State never woke up again. The man of God was said to have told his family members and close associates that he would die that day. A Senior Apostle of the church who pleaded anonymity said, “We were not surprised by the death of our Prophet. He had prophesized the day and manner of his death. That was the reason why we buried him by 10am on Monday. He had told us to bury him immediately he dies. He warned us not to take him to mortuary or arrange any elaborate ceremony. His family is still at the church premises where they also live. For us it is a celebration of life and a call to glory because Prophet touched so many lives and worked truly as directed by his creator and caller. The testimony is the number of worshippers you see here daily.”

National Weekender scooped that Prophet Akinyemi died at the age of 46. We also learnt that he had several running battles with the authorities of the Celestial Church of Christ over his decision to change the doctrine and service in his branch into Pentecostal. He stood by his decision and conducted the church like a pure Pentecostal church. Candles, coconuts, incense and perfumes are not used in his churchlike in other Celestial Churches. Late Prophet Akinyemi is a crowd puller as his service attracts no fewer than 4000 worshippers from across the country and within West African sub-region. He is said to have strong deliverance and healing powers.

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