Students Will Pay For Damage –LASU VC

The Vice Chancellor of the Lagos State University, (LASU) Prof John Obafunwa who was smuggled out of the university by policemen in the heat of last Thursday’s crisis has vowed that students will pay for all damaged properties in the institution. According to one of the aides to the VC who spoke to National Weekender on account of anonymity the students will have to bear the total cost of what they damaged during the protest.

“The students will have to pay for every penny of what they damaged in that senseless act”, begins the angry aide. “It is not up to three weeks that they resumed, now they have returned home. It appears they are happy staying at home. Let’s see who they end losers will be. Since they want to toy with their future it is up to them. While students of other institutions are busy trying to cover ground following the long strike which was recently called off, here we are witnessing a near horror.

“Students lost their heads smashing cars, offices and destroying institutions equipments which they use for their daily learning. It is sheer madness. And when you consider the attempt to lay hands on the VC, you understand that there was more to the protest than meets the eye. It is certain that the first condition for their readmission into the campus after government’s investigations will be to pay for all they damaged.,” our source added.

When asked the state of the VC, he said “nothing is wrong with him. He is fine, hale and hearty. He will be assisting government in its findings to understand why the students will be involved in the massive damage all in the name of protest.” He however refused to reveal if any student or group of students were penciled down for disciplinary action but said, “by the end of it all, some people will have to go home finally because we cannot condone madness in LASU.”

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