Man Strangles Wife Over Dinner

A 42-year old man named Jimi Akosile has allegedly strangled his Abosede Akosile to death in Sango area of Lagos State. The man a tailor by profession returned home on Saturday night after going to watch Super Eagles thrilling quarter-final game against Atlas Lions of Morocco and demanded for his meal which was not ready.

According to eye witness account, the man placed a bet that Eagles will fall to Morocco in the said game and by the end of the encounter he lost N5000. The anger was transferred on his wife, who asked him to be patient as food was not ready more so, it was not too late to eat dinner.

When dinner was eventually ready the man revealed to his wife that he lost a bet and on hearing the amount involved the woman, a hair-dresser screamed and picked up quarrel with her husband calling him names.

Our source tells the rest of the story,” it was in the course of exchange of words between man and wife and fighting broke out. The woman poured water on her husband for being a fool by placing a bet of N5000 for just a single football game when the family had other pressing problems to solve. At that point the man pounced on her and beat her silly. The woman bite one of the fingers of her husband and refused to let go even as people tried to separate them. In the course of trying to free himself, the man held her by the head and turned her around and that was how she slumped and all attempt to revive her were in futility.”

The case has since been reported to the police and the man ahs been arrested and taken to the homicide department of the State CID in Panti.

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