Costume Day for Encomium Thirteen

Final year students of the Department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos, has as part of activities lined up to celebrate their last semester in school held costume day.

The costume day which formed part of activities lined up to celebrate the passing out of final year students of the department, featured a display of many types of colorful costumes within the department.

The students who called themselves “Encomium Thirteen” dressed in the costume of engineers, doctors, lawyers, sport men, military while others appeared in Arabian and Indian costumes. Others chose to go for the more scary costumes like that of the “Grim Reaper” while some guys dressed like girls and vice-versa.

One of the excited students who spoke with our correspondent said she is so excited to be a part of the celebration. Dressed like a guy, she expresses gratitude to God for giving her the privilege of being a part of the graduation class despite all the hurdles they had to cross which she confessed wasn’t easy at all. She said she participated in the costume day because such celebrations comes up only once in a students’ lifetime. “I have to be a part of it because it’s fun and also because I may not have this kind of opportunity as a student again”.

Stacy, a 300l student of the department, who standing, watched her seniors in awe as they paraded themselves in colorful costumes said “I can’t wait for my turn, it’s so exciting”.

Other activities lined up as the celebration continues are Traditional Day, Jan 23rd, Ankara Day Feb 7th and Dinner Night on the 13th of February.



.Top 5 Most Talented Actors in UNILAG

The University of Lagos, Department of Creative Arts, boasts of talented students whose performances both on stage and screen has received accolades from established Nollywood Actors. These actors will wow you with their outstanding display in dance, stage acting, creative ability in writing “A” Class scripts, outstanding directing ability etc and rub shoulder with many nollywood actors and directors.

Meet the top five (5) most talented actors in UNILAG:

Sambasa Nzeribe

Level: 400

Role Model: Will Smith

Hobbies: watching movies, playing video game, listening to music.

Acting to me: “…means displaying reality as against illusion”

Future ambition: “I expect that in the next couple of years, I would have shocked the world especially the entertainment world with my talent and also established my brand “SAMBASSA” that is me.”

Works Done: “Grip of Fear”, “A Mile from Home” “Ojuju” “Road to Stardom” etc.


Benjamin Ajose

Level: 400l

Rode Model: Affez Oyetoro

Hobbies: Reading, Acting

Acting to me: “…means “showcasing lives’ experiences”

Future ambition: “In the next few years in see myself as “one of the best actors and movie directors in Nigeria”

Works Done: “House Apart”, “Barber’s Shop”, “Omo Alaafin”, “Kokoro Ede” etc


Jenifer Agbata

Level: 300

Hobbies: Acting, Dancing, Gisting, Playing

Role Model: Patrick Dabous (Creative Arts Department, UNILAG)

Acting to me: …means “Reality”

Future ambition: “To become the biggest actress in Nigeria, winning local and international laurels”

Works Done:


Augustine Agualomunu

Level: 300l

Hobbies: Acting, Watching football,

Role Model: Tyler Perry

Acting to me:“…means entertainment, information and education”

Future ambition:“To make a meaning impact in acting industry all over the world”

Works done: “Binding duties”, “Shuga” etc


Aarinola Jumoke

Level: 300

Hobbies: Acting, Travelling, Dancing

Role Model: Joke Silva

Acting to me: “…means Life”

Future ambition: “To become one of the most popular actors in Nigeria”

Works done:  “Dear Mother”, “Champions of our time”, “Kuti’s Career Palace”


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