Tribute: Elder Michael Adekeye (Jan 5, 1946 – Jan 1, 2014)

Tears flowed freely at almost uncontrollable proportion as eulogies poured at Ikoyi Cemetery yesterday (Friday 24 Jan., 2014) on the Late Security Chief of the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry, Dr. Daniel Kayode Olukoya’s, Elder Michael Olatunji Olaiya Ayinla Adekeye who was interred at exactly 12: 13pm. Interestingly the tears and eulogies that rained on the man many chose to call “Father” were not just from the his siblings, children, friends and associates but from many who are not in anyway connected to him but they crossed his path while he was alive and their lives never remained the same. Elder Adekeye transformed their lives. One Sunday Oke who said since he knew Elder Adekeye about seven years ago, none that he has met before and after then can be compared to him. He told a short story of how the Late Adekeye saved an entire community involved in a land dispute on three separate occasions and its leader from going to jail after being arrested and taken to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Panti, Yaba. People from all walks of life were present to pay their last respect to a man Dr. Olukoya called “Soldier of the Lord.” Indeed Late Elder Adekeye was Jesus’ soldier in words, actions and thought. According to Pastor Oni, regional overseer (Region 1) Lekki of MFM, “Elder was committed in the house of the Lord. He was always present at all and any engagements or event in Prayer City, infact Prayer City was his second home. He made his presence felt in the Vineyard.” It was therefore not surprising that Elder Adekeye took ill right inside Prayer City on the 25 of December 2013 while preparing his men for the crossover night which was six days away. It was a sudden ailment but very serious that he was rushed to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) Ikeja. Due to the highly effective security network which is more of an auto-pilot mechanism, it was quickly noticed that Elder Adekeye was away. Sadly it was a journey that will determine his final stay on earth. He never returned to Prayer City, his home away from home. But before night fell on Christmas Day, Dr. Olukoya noticed that one of his most trusted lieutenants was missing in the festive activities. He put a call across to him only to discover that Late Elder Michael Adekeye was trapped inside LASUTH by this ailment bent on sending him HOME. In the words of Dr. Olukoya that moment while on phone, “Elder for you to be hospitalized up till this moment then, it must be something serious.” The man of God prayed for his recovery but God had sealed Elder Michael Adekeye’s home coming. A security expert of first class standards could not escape from the grip of death at LASUTH. A man who has built what many say is the best security team and network for MFM worldwide was pin-down by forces beyond his imagination. A man who have saved many under scary and life threatening situations could not save himself.  While at LASUTH he kept pointing to his chest saying, “I don’t know what this thing wants from me. It is here, moving up and down,” and his body language indicated that he could have pulled whatever it was inside there out, but it was not meant to be. A vastly travelled man who has been to three continents in the course of seeking ways to improve his security career. He has been to Germany (Europe), Singapore (Asia) and Canada (North America). He is well educated and kept improving on himself. His slogan is “you must keep learning until you die otherwise the world will over take you.” Little wonder why he gave his children and siblings the best of education. Before his demise there are five graduates among his children. No wonder one his children Abigail Adekeye called him the “best dad in the world.” She went further to say, “you taught me to tell the truth, to respect my elders, to forgive, to love and to be compassionate to everyone. These lessons are bearing fruits in our lives.” And like his son Bolaji Adekeye wrote in his tribute, “A special smile. A special face and a special smile I can’t replace. I love you and I always will. You filled a space that no one will ever replace. Adieu Daddy. James Gbenga Adekeye brother of the deceased corroborates his nephew in his own tribute, “missing you so dearly. Sleep on in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ until when we shall meet to part no more, at the feet of our Lord Jesus on the glorious day. Good night, my dear brother.” Pastor Timothy Adekeye, first child of Elder Adekeye adds his voice, “your departure will create a very deep vacuum due to your fatherly counsel. Go on resting in the bosom of Jesus Christ till we meet again on the resurrection morning of the saints.” In her tribute Mrs. Folakemi Adekeye-Olatunbosun daughter of Elder Adekeye wrote, “we remember your fatherly advise when there are issues to resolve. Your first statement was TELL THE TRUTH and you were always happy when the truth was revealed. Like a candle in the wind, you departed from our midst without bidding us farewell, all you said was DON’T FIGHT O!” To your friends, you (Elder Michael Adekeye) gave them a deep cut via your departure. To Kayode Latinwo, “Mike was more than a friend. He was a brother. We fought so many battles and conquered. He was a backbone and each time I looked around me and saw him, I could pull down a mountain. Certainly there is none to compare with him. You are a selfless man who thinks people first before himself. Sincerely my better half is gone. Good night Mike.” Titus Fapohunda says, “Mike you have split me into two and you have gone with one half leaving me a half man. The half you are holding with you is support, courage and resourcefulness and the one I have is the fond memory we shared together. We shared love, kindness and fun. Your troubles were mine and my headaches yours. Who will I call again? Who will run to at trouble time? Who, Mike, tell me who?” In the words of AY, “you went out of your way many times to help the less privilege. You were a committed servant of God. I remember how we used to joke and laugh at the impromptu. I remember how I looked forward to receiving your messages as much as I couldn’t wait to send mine. I will never forget how your message thrilled me. They always made me giggle. Thank you. Anytime my phone vibrates now, I keep thinking its your usual messages coming in but I am yet to come to terms that you are gone forever.” Your younger brother Omoniyi Adekeye has decided to adopt your first name MICHAEL because according to him, “he touched my life beyond imagination and description.” In his short tribute Omoniyi wrote, “seek the narrow road which makes death a fulfillment unto life eternal as Olatunji had very bravely done in the end. Tunji, death cannot kill your name and your good works in our hearts till tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. Good night for now and see you in the morning.” Elder Michael Adekeye your grandchild, 7-year old Victor whom you asked to be calling you “my friend” is still in tears asking his mum, “where has my friend ‘grand pa’ gone to?” So long Elder, good night Mr. Neat, Mr. Style, Mr. Charismatic, Mr. Peace and Mr. Courage. Good night sir! Sun re o!

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