Witchcraft Allegation, My Story–Beverly Osu

Beverly “Ada” Osu has received a barrage of criticisms since her alleged sex encounter with Angelo while an inmate in the Big Brother Africa, the Chase edition. In this interview with our reporter, FRANCIS OGBONNA, the now famous celebrity speaks of her experience in the BBA house; life after and her projection for the future. Excerpt

Why did you go into the BBA contest?

Before now, I have been involved in entertainment, done videos and have been involved as a model doing lingerie ads. I was busy amusing myself and others, so I just told myself “how about applying for BBA? Hey! That wont be a bad idea”, so I said “very good then”, so I applied and got invited.

What was your experience like in the BBA chase house?

It was very nice and entertaining. I got to meet other Africans. I had never travelled to any African Country, until BBA. I got to learn about other cultures, how other people behaved. Yeah, it was really nice.

In your words, what would you say the whole BBA thing stands for?

To me I love the whole Idea, if I had a lot of money; I think I will start something like that in Nigeria. Yeah it’s very good, it brings people together and helps them understand themselves, their bad sides. Like I realized my bad sides…

What were your bad sides?

I am too blunt to a fault. I didn’t know how to sugar-coat things, so it’s better I don’t say it, than to sugar-coat it. That really caused me a lot of problems in the house. Like I told Natasha, I hate you and told Sally she didn’t have a mind of her own, “you are very unstable person” and girls don’t like such confrontations, because they are very egocentric. I think now, I have learnt and I am still learning to tone it down.

You broke the record by being the first participant ever that lasted 91 days in the house without any nomination for eviction, how did that make you feel?

I was really happy. It made me realized that people really loved me, even if I had a very blunt mouth. A lot of people really loved me.

Did you think you were going to win?

No! I didn’t want to win. I know it’s very awkward, but I have been saying this since, I didn’t expect to win.

Why, didn’t you want to win?

Everyone saw the handwriting on the wall, I saw it too and I am a very spiritual person and I had known on Thursday before the finals that I wasn’t going to win. I know God had a better plan for me; He just used BBA as a platform. Just take a look at this: a lot of people were praying for the same thing…so I just had to back out.

Were you expecting Dillish to win?

Beverley Osu

Beverley Osu

Not really, I actually wanted Chloe to win, because she had a lot of responsibilities and stuffs like that. Dillish had issues too, but she had a guy who was taking care of her. However, Chloe had a career she had to build and a child she had to take care of, so I just felt, if Melvin can’t win this, Chloe should win it. But since Dillish won it, I guess it’s her destiny and nobody can change that.

How has BBA affected your life?

Good and Bad! The good side is that I have exposure. The Bad part is that I need my old life back! I can’t work on the road with my slippers anymore. I can’t eat mama put, I can’t just do me. I can’t walk on the road without people saying eh! Let me take a picture with you and even if I had a terrible day, I still have to smile and I am not good at pretending…

And how long do you think this fame of your would last?

Forever! Because, I am a hardworking girl, so it won’t be for a moment.

Now let me ask, the whole Angelo stuff, did you both really make love on set?

No! Angelo said he was keeping himself for his mother?

His Mother?

Yes! He said he had promised her that he wasn’t going to have sex while on set BBA. So that’s why he always took his birth with boxers (underwear) on…

But there was some smooching?

Yes, we did everything people who were in a relationship did.

So there was a relationship, he was you boyfriend?

Yes he was.

So what happened after BBA?

He broke up with me (She laughs). Yes he broke up with me. He said it in the open, on facebook of course.

Did he tell you secretly before he did so, at least for courtesy sake?

No he didn’t.

But did he later give you a reason for breaking up with you?

No! He gave the world a reason. That he wanted to be single, so that he would have time for his work. But that he still loved me…

What about the Bimbs and Charity story? We gathered that your relationship with Charity Owoh, who apart from being your best friend was also your Manager broke up because she was coming on to Bimbs strongly?

Charity being my manager was being too unprofessional, so I told her off. Probably, that’s how she wants to see the whole stuff. But she was just too unprofessional, about our relationship and my budding career and I didn’t want that for my career since I had a lot going for me now. When I heard that story, I was even with Bimbs and I said really… the story was like awkward, we were in Calabar then, I got pissed up but I said okay, if this is what she wants the world to believe, good luck with that. Right now there’s no time for second chance.

By being unprofessional what exactly do you mean?

She was behaving very unprofessional about managing me. She wasn’t serious; she didn’t see it as business anymore, but as a best friend things, which was good though, but didn’t make her focus on developing my new found success and it was not right by me since I was trying to build a career.

But was she really coming unto Bimbs?

Apparently she had a boyfriend. So if she was coming unto Bimbs, I didn’t know.

You were rumoured to have been overly familiar with Ruggedman during his birthday recently, are you guys a couple?

Ah! Me and Ruggedman are just good friends. He has always been there, always advising me and stuff. And yes, I did an appearance for Ruggedman on his birthday. It was a business deal, like when a celebrity makes an appearance in your event and gets paid for doing so. Even at that we have a special connection e.g. we are both September babies.

Ruggedman in his defense had said he knew you way back when you and 2Shots were still together?

Yeah, he’s my friend; we had known each other way back. That was like my past life.

Past life, so 2Shots was like your past life?

Yeah, he was like my past life. We knew way back.

So you really had a relationship? Remember at the BBA house you were not specific about the supposed abusive Nigerian Rapper?

Yeah we had a relationship. Then I wasn’t specific but yes there was a relationship.

Did he really abuse you?

Yes he did.

But his wife had said her husband wasn’t abusive, that you were lying?

Let me just tell you and I think you should really put this down for the records. 2Shots and his wife, they are just trying to ride on my fame now and I am not a really greedy person, so they can tap into it. 2Shot and his wife are looking for fame, but I won’t live like them. I won’t live in my past glory. I am not 37 years old or one old woman. So I am not going to live on past glories. They are trying to tap from my fame and I can’t even notice it because I have too much already.

What was it like as 2Shot girlfriend? Was it always abusive?

Initially in the relationship, it was nice. We had good moments. He was a good guy. Then I was in love, but didn’t know if he felt the same way. However, yes, it was a good relationship except for the physical abuses and emotional blackmails.

You sound like you were really in love, who left the relationship, you or 2Shot?

I left the relationship, no! I literally ran way. My Mum warned me but I was in love so I didn’t listen, but I later learnt my lesson.

Why was your Mum not comfortable with your relationship with 2Shot?

I don’t know. I guess she saw something I didn’t see. She warned me about everything, but I didn’t listen. At a point my Mum had to arrest him, but I didn’t tell anybody about this, because I liked to keep my business private. Even 2Shot cannot deny this story, that my Mum arrested him. They took him to (I think it was it Zone 2) near the Island and they granted him bail, so he knows.

So you left him afterwards?

Yeah! He wanted me to come back. He sent me text messages and even called severally threatening me. Saying if it’s not him, then it’s nobody else.  Even after he got married, so I am even surprised, why he still comes out to show the whole world that oh! I am married. I can even show you some messages as proves from my phone. He used to send me whatsapp messages telling me, why don’t you come and see me? Before I even went for BBA, I didn’t tell him. He used to send me messages saying. “I saw you in the club, so you still smoke? You will never change”. Whenever I see these messages, I am like “hey man, how is that you business?

Back to BBA, How did your parents take the whole “sleeping with Angelo thing”? How did they react to it?

Like every other parent, of course they won’t be happy about it. But they can’t kill me. I am not the first person and I won’t be the last. I am their only daughter for that matter, so she can’t kill me. Though, she shouted at me.

So what did you tell her?

I told her I didn’t do it and she said okay o. She didn’t say whether she believed me or not. She just said okay, but this is the picture people are painting. I didn’t do anything. I am sorry saying this but, I haven’t seen Angelo’s genitals in my life.

Even after BBA?

Yes! Even after BBA. The only time I have seen it, is when he sent me a video, but I haven’t seen it in physical.

So why do you think people are insisting you both made love on set BBA?

I don’t know, but there was nothing like that, though we did everything that lovers usually do, so I think they just twisted it so as to make their headlines sweet.

Where did the story about you wanting to be a Nun come from?

Oh that! I was in the convent for 5 years. I was expelled; it was more like a secondary school, though.

Why were you expelled?

I don’t even know. They had different allegations against me, the same way I am having allegations right now. I guess it is something that follows me about. Everybody loves talking about me. They just said some stuffs about me. But they really didn’t happen…

Stuffs like what?

If I say they said I was a witch would you accept it?

Are you serious about this?

Beverly I am not joking about this. Here is the story; I was more of an entertainer when I was in secondary school. I was the social prefect, so the dance moves I taught people were not suitable for a “holy ground”, if you know what I mean? The first play I produced or directed in school was about Lucifer and the Angels and after that people started having bad dreams and stuffs, so they said I wasn’t a normal child. They didn’t expel me the normal way though. They waited for me to finish my fifth year (SS2) and they said to me please don’t come back.

What was your parents’ reaction to that?

I had been telling my Mum that I wanted to leave the school, but my Mother didn’t bulge. She said I must stay there and learn morals, you know, learn how to be a good girl and fear God.

So did you learn any of that?

Yes I did! I am a very good girl. But I wanted to leave that school. After they expelled me, I came back home with so much pride. I knew my Mother was going to kill me, but I was satisfied in my heart that at least I left that school. I was so happy.

So what did she do?

Beverley Osu

Beverley Osu

Well she later beat me and made me sign an undertaken. She cut my hair and made me use the public transport to school. She couldn’t punish me with food because I hardly ate anyway. So she beat me up very well, but she said nothing afterwards, because, you see in my family we have this believe that everything that happen, happens for a reason. So she was like, “maybe God didn’t want her to finish in that school”. Anyway I got a second chance; I was registered in another school.

Would you say that after BBA you are going to need a third chance?

No! In BBA, I didn’t make any mistake. I lived my life the way I programmed it. The only thing I didn’t do well was not to relate with people the proper way.

Are you in any relationship now?

I am in a relationship with God.

No I mean with any man…

No, I am not in a relationship.

What was growing up like?

Beverley Osu

Beverley Osu

I don’t really know how to describe my growing up, because virtually all the schools I have ever been to were Catholic Schools or other Christian schools. From Handmaid international Catholic school in Aguda, I moved to St. Catherine, Surulere. Then, I went to Daughters of divine love and then to Dozec international and from there to Babcock University. It was like 2 schools every section. Growing up was very tough. I never really had girlfriends. I grew up with guys. My Father used to treat me the hard way. I played football; I used to ride bicycles and did what every normal guy did. I played video games. I was more of a guy than a girl. I am just learning to be a lady now. My Mum was very strict, people don’t really know, they thought she used to indulge me. It’s just that she has soft-pedaled a little.

You’ve said a lot about your mum, what about your dad?

My Dad left my Mum in 1999, but he’s a very good man. He lives somewhere in Lagos.

Do you meet with him regularly?

No! We talk on phone. I am very busy now trying to make a living.

What was his reaction to the BBA sex scandal?

We don’t talk about those things. He calls to say, “Have you spoken to your Mum today?” “Are you going to the village?” Which is actually cool for me? I am not really into my Dad, the way I am into my Mum and then my Dad hasn’t really been there for me. I am on my own now. But we talk, he even called me yesterday, but we didn’t say anything important.

What’s your plan for the next couple of years?

The next couple of years will plan itself. When I get to that bridge, I will cross it. I like to live a week at a time, just the way I did at the big brother house. I live by the week. If I see anything fruitful, I just do the fruitful.

What area of entertainment is your forte?

Entertainment for me is very broad; well I am a Libra, multi-talented you would say. Though, I can’t sing to save my life, that’s about the only thing that I can’t do in entertainment. I can’t sing, but that does not mean I can’t rap.

So you rap very well?

You don’t want to see me busting the mic (rapping).  Yeah, I can rap, but it’s not something I want to do professionally.

Was that what attracted you to 2Shot?

No! I fell in love with him.

Have always hung around the hip-hop circle?

Rappers? Right now, I have a crutch on Eva and then she’s a rapper. I think there’s something that attracts me to rappers in that form.

Do you dance very well?

Yeah! I dance very well, didn’t you watch big brother house? When I was sixteen, I performed with D’Prince at the Hip-Hop Music Award; you remember the “Omoba” song. So I have been in the entertainment business for a while. So I am not a new comer. I am not JJC, I sabi work.

You were in Calabar recently, what took you there?

I was in Calabar for the official launch of Beverly Heels Hotels and Club. It is owned by Aunty Nkoyo King. Her daughter shares the same name with me. She said I should come for the official launch, so I went, we are close though…

Official launch with benefits?

Yes, with a lot of benefits.

Would you like to tell us how much this benefits translate into?

No! Ask GT Bank.

Beyond product endorsements and celebrity appearances, what else do you have in stock for your fans?

Very soon I will be coming out with my own show which I call “Beverly says”. I am going to starts giving it soon-probably next year.

On what platform?

It’s going to be on Blogs and my website when its officially launched.

What about on TV?

Not yet, I am still begging, you guys should pray for me maybe Ebony life with buy it.

If you were to advise BBA prospects, what would that advice be?

I would advise them to be themselves; be entertaining. Don’t go and write a script in your head and say if you enter the house you would act. If you do that you will fail woefully.

Thank you very much

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