One Nigeria, 150 Million Presidents

It is a known and acceptable fact that leadership is the bane of Nigeria and her development. Whether present and past leaders have failed the nation and its citizenry is an issue or debate for another day but again political commentators, analysts, observers and indeed the improverished masses have unanimously come to the conclusion that there is no need for a debate on the issue, in fact it is not even an issue but a reality that for about 54 years Nigeria is yet to find or have a leader like the Late Nelson Mandela among others.

It is therefore not surprising that everyone in Nigeria knows the workings of a President. Everyone knows the problems of the country and can fix if given the opportunity to be President for just 24 hours. We all have the antidote to Nigeria’s numerous problems. From the roadside mechanic, vulcanizer, scavenger, bus conductor, commercial bus driver, passenger, petrol station attendant, landlord, tenant, journalist, banker, marketer, advertiser,  pilot, soldier, policeman up to the political elites everyone knows what the President must do to fix the ailing nation and better the lives of the people. And we all know why our past and present President has failed us.  Board a molue bus during the rush hours in the mornings and evenings and you hear fantastic solutions and comments on how President Goodluck Jonathan should govern the country, what he has failed to do, why he failed to do them and all manners of issues raised in the discussions which often times end up in debates, quarrels and use of abusive languages by angry Nigerians on Nigerians.

Attend a political meeting of high profiled politicians as a mere observers and hear our top politicians talk about why the President has refused to carry out this and that project or program, why this and that senator will not return, why this and that governor must be impeached, why this and that ministers must be sacked and why the National Assembly needs a more vibrant leadership, not subservient to the Presidency or leadership of the opposition party. Nigeria’s politics particularly leadership issue is likened to the Super Eagles where every Nigerian before Stephen Keshi came on board was a coach and has a solid idea on how to rescue the team from the then Super Chickens status to Super Eagles.

Thank God for Keshi, all that beer parlor debate about our darling Super Eagles has ended. All the coaches we had then have now retired to their true professions. How I wish we can have a Keshi for a President to help fix the ailing nation and save the rest of the 150 million people the energy of discussing politics and dreaming of the day everything including food and shelter will be free. The day power supply will be stable and constant 24/7, the day ASUU strike will be dead, buried and forgotten, the day fuel crises and artificial scarcity of petroleum products will be a thing of the past, the day pensioners will not have to queue under the scorching heat of the sun waiting for their gratuity and the day we will not have to consider geo-political zone, ethnic group or religious affiliations to elect our President.

Truth is that everyone of us thinks he knows it all and as such wants to be President. Even those of us who have served in that capacity before want to return thereby see nothing good about the man occupying the seat at the moment. Give former President Olusegun Obasanjo a chance by asking the National Assembly to declare a state of emergency in the country and conjure something that will empower Obasanjo to run the country for another one year, the Ota-based politician will gladly accept the offer. Call former military President, Ibrahim Babangida to abandon his “step-aside” declaration to take over from Jonathan now, the man occupying Minna Hilltop Palace will immediately step-in to continue from where he stopped in Aso Rock. If Muhammadu Buhari is still desperately eyeing Aso Rock and trying to use Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu and APC to achieve his dream having failed with ANPP and CPC previously then, former Interim National Government (ING) chairman, Chief Ernest Shonekan could really want to fulfill what Late Gen. Sani Abacha stopped him from doing after just 82 days in office. Deep in the heart of Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, he wants to be President. He can’t deny this. Senate President David Mark cannot look straight into the eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ if He was physically present today to say he doesn’t want to be President, not even Namadi Sambo will reject the offer should situation warrant such. It is therefore not surprising that each passing day comes with a new and fresh challenge for Jonathan. The burden of his responsibilities is so much that there is distrust everywhere. There are issues everyday and the man is just changing his guards.

But for the scary yet hidden intention of Jonathan to run for a second term many a PDP chieftain including several governors would have declared their intentions to run. From Sule Lamido of Jigawa, to Babangida Aliyu of Niger, Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers, Murtala Nyarko of Adamawa, Rabiu Kwakwanso of Kano, Wamako of Sokoto and even Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom all want to be President. Deep in their hearts they want to. It is the gospel truth. Indeed everyone wants to be President and that is why we don’t see or appreciate anything good the President does. Take Jonathan away from the Presidency and bring in another man from any geo-political zone, tribe or religion and you will discover that this war and crises will continue. It is not about the person or man who is President but about us as Nigerians, it is about our character and about how we perceive our fellow citizen especially if he is not from same geo-political zone or religious faith as we are.

Mention an Igbo President for 2015 and the next man will sneeze at you, support Jonathan’s second term bid and stones from the opposition will be hurled at you, dare suggest that the Presidency should return to the north and you will be up for crucifixion. So where do we go? The APC that came with huge hope of a change for the people since PDP appears to have successfully deceived the people for 14 years is already showing signs of a group of people holding the broom from the other end. They really have to sweep their hearts and purge their minds of insincerity before trying to deceive the rest of us to vote for change. They need to see the log of woods covering their own eyes before pointing at or identifying the speck in their brother’s (PDP) eye.

2015 to me does not come with any rays of hope. It is hoping in futility because those flying the flags of hope are full of deceits. They are unrepentant minority taking the rest of us who are in the majority for a ride. They control the oil wells. They run the banks and they determine the fate, colour, shape and size of our economy. They are the sponsors of the politicians who do their biddings thus enslaving and improvishing over 99.9percent of the 150 million population of the world’s most populous black nation on earth.

My submission! Since everyone of us wants to be President come 2015 and even beyond and we know that it is impossible for all of us to achieve our individual dream at same time, I will advocate that we (Nigerians) hire a President from any of the best run countries in the world where citizens are individually living up to at least $200 (about N30,000) per day. Let every politician seeking to succeed Jonathan sheathe his sword and go back to the profession he was practicing if at all they have any. After all politics is not a profession but a pass-time. Let’s hire or loan a President from another country to work for us for maximum of 10 years, a time which would have ensured the retirements of some of these wicked jobbers. The hired President must come with his own team. This is not a joke! This political arrangement will save us the ugly stories of “1000-man hit list”, “letters and counter letters”, “shooting a senator with a rubber bullet”, “fake certificates”, “acquisition of bulletproof cars”,  “Boko Haram killings and burning of churches “ among others.

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