Fibi: More Bites,More Excitements

Fibi beef sausage roll, from the stable of Rapido Foods was introduced into the Nigeria market in October 2012 and has since carved a niche for itself as being the only beef sausage roll spiced with ingredient sourced locally. Hygienically prepared, with strict quality control measures taken into consideration, Fibi is set to take over the Nigerian Sausage roll market. In this interview with our correspondent, FRANCIS OGBONNA, Mr. Abor Anthony, the Regional Sales Manager, Rapido Foods, talks about what stands Fibi out; its contribution to the society and its future projections. Excerpt.

Tell us a little bit about Fibi Sausage Roll?

Fibi came into existence in October, 2012 and we have been in the market for about a year and some months, but we have been active in the Lagos market since May 2013, after the establishment of the Lagos Regional office. We are doing beautifully well in the market especially in the South East, that is where our factory is, it is based in Owerri.

What makes Fibi different from every Sausage Roll you have in the market?

fibiIt is the only sausage roll in Nigeria today that when you eat, you don’t choke or grasp for water. You can take up to 5 rolls of Fibi, before asking for water and that is because of the quality of Fibi. Also Fibi, in term of quality personnel, has the best in the industry. From our MD to the last person at Fibi, we can actually boast of having the best hands. For example, I myself, have worked in some of Nigeria’s finest Multinational food industries, not just at lower cadres, but at top echelons, so if you put all our experiences together, which give birth to excellent services, then you will understand why Fibi stands out. We might be new, but we have made a lot of mark so far within and outside Lagos.

Who would you say are your target market?

I would say young people all over  Nigeria. We actually have two products sizes, the premium and the mini size. The premium is N50, while the mini is N20. We try to make sure that each of these products is targeted at the different age distributions available within the young people group. The one that goes for N20 is for kids, because they may not be able to finish that of N50, we want to discourage wastage of funds. That of N50 is for the youths and I dare say adults too who may be hungry and want something on the go.

Are you not worried that the N20 Fibi would be misrepresented as being of lesser quality because it is cheaper?

Not at all, the quality is the same; the only different is the size. The quality of the raw material used is the same; it’s the same super quality. The N20 Fibi is just about half of the Premium size (which is 95gramms).

I know Fibi is relatively new in the market, but what is Fibi doing by way of giving back to the society?

We are doing a lot! For one, we have programmes we arrange for schools; we have what we call “School Partnership Initiative”. A lot of schools in Lagos, e.g. Kings College are our partners; whatever they are doing we are always there to give them full support. We also support the courses of motherless babies homes/ orphanages. In terms of sports, Fibi in partnership with Lagos State Government, has also sponsored a few sporting activities meant at promoting sports at the grassroots. Our plan this year and beyond is that we exceed the level of supports we have given to these institutions in the previous year(s).

What has been Fibi’s contribution to the Rapido Group growth?

Though Fibi is the newest baby of the group, I would want to say that before now, when it was just Rapido Audio/Vision, the group didn’t ring bells with people as it did now, but now with the entrant of Fibi into the market, the group Rapido is speedily becoming a household name. Just like I said earlier, there is hardly anywhere in the country that Fibi is not eaten; every house can afford either the N20 or N50 Fibi and people associate the name Fibi with the group Rapido ventures. So in our own little way we are helping to promote the growth of other businesses within the Rapido group. For example, if you go to ABC Transport today, Fibi is served as the meal on board. For now, we may not be able to say if we are contributing “X” amount to the group turnover.

So where do you see Fibi in the next five years?

In the next 5 years Fibi will be among the top three sausage brands in Nigeria, because judging by the rate with which we are going, without doing any advert whatsoever, Last year we won the CAMA Awards as the new promising brand in the market, because there is no where that you would go that you won’t see Fibi, there is hardly any supermarket that you would go to that you won’t see our rack, showcasing our product so we are taking Fibi out of the street and into Supermarkets and schools. We are doing this because street hawking would soon be a thing of the past (you know sausage roll is always associated with street hawking), however soon the roads will be good. This strategy will keep us relevant in the market.

Any last word addressed to your customers?

We would like to encourage our customers and of course the general public to believe us. Most times, people feel that new companies hardly stand the test of time. Our Chairman has been in business for a long time, and he is the owner of ABC transport Plc, the only transport company quoted in the Nigerian Stock Exchange, so they should believe that very soon Fibi would be quoted in the Nigerian Stock Exchange too and everyone could become a shareholder.



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