Baby Factories: Govt Must Act Fast!

The stories of factories where babies are born and sold are not new to Nigerians any more even as they keep embarrassing the country and painting a barbaric image of its citizens before the international community. It is sad that in this computer age Nigeria is being identified among very few countries where this shameful act is still being practiced.

From Abia State where the government of Theodore Orji has declared war on those involved in this heinous crime to Lagos State where the act is yet to be pronounced, Nigeria is gradually becoming a reference point globally anytime inhuman and indecent crimes and acts are committed. At a time when government is investing so much to attract foreign investors to further boost the nation’s economy, it is most unfortunate that stories of individuals running “baby factories” will make headlines of major national dailies just as the stories are posted on the website for the world to see.

While millions around the world are still reacting to the news of a serving Nigerian senator picking underage for wives, it is disheartening to note that some heartless persons would consider it reasonable to be engaged in the business of housing and catering for teenager girls who agree to be put into family ways and on delivery of their babies the babies are sold to waiting customers. The stories that most of the buyers book for the babies as early as six months and one year is really alarming.

In as much as government state governments affected have taken drastic measures to curb the criminal act, it is imperative for government to understand that mere demolition of the structures used for the baby factories business will serve as a temporary measure to check the dastardly act but not as a deterrent or out right cleansing of the ill for those willing to go into the business or those already in but are yet to be caught by the long arm of the law to continue in it.

In the light of this, it is the view of NATIONAL WEEKENDER that a bill or law is put up by the State Houses of Assembly to stop this wicked act. A bill that will suggest a minimum of 10 years prison sentence for offenders could scare away would be offenders. Government must consider the grave international disgrace and dishonor the baby factories business has brought to the country and its citizens. It is therefore necessary for Gov. Orji to kick start this process by ensuring that law enforcement personnel and relevant agencies prosecute the culprits who are already in police net even as those on run are hunted by the police.

Another important step that should be taken is a thorough screening of all the SOS Villages and Motherless Baby Homes. Licenses should be revoked for homes that fail to meet the standards set by government but secured their licenses by cutting corners or through the backdoors. It is time government beamed its searchlight on the activities of most of these so called less privilege homes to uncover the dirty businesses and deals going on there. It is a few of these homes that end up being converted into baby factories. Enough of this international embarrassment!

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