Beyonce & Jay Z Rent An Entire Zoo For Blue Ivy’s Birthday

Superstars Beyonce and her husband JayZ reportedly shut down an entire theme park for their two year old daughter, Blue Ivy’s birthday celebration on Tuesday. A gesture some allegedly think was despicable given the fact that the kid might never remember a thing.

The Carters spent the whole day at the Wildlife Park and botanical garden in Miami playing and taking pictures with animals like kangaroos, lemurs, penguins and orangutans.

According to TMZ,  there’s no confirmation of how much the superstars spent because ‘park officials are keeping the cost under wraps’ but there is no doubt that it would cost a fortune to close down the entire park. However, statistics prove that a VIP safari tour per person sum up to $240, then what more of renting the whole arena?

Please share your opinion on how much do you think Queen Bey and Jay Z could have splashed?

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