1000-Man Hit List

Since former President Olusegun Obasanjo announced through his famous “letter bomb” titled “BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE” that about 1000 Nigerians are on President Goodluck Jonathan’s watch list which sadly has now been labeled ‘Hit List’ by the media, politicians especially in the opposition have started making frantic efforts through the National Assembly to pressurize Mr. President to make his stand known to all concerning his intension to run for the 2015 election.

“If Jonathan decides to run and makes it public surely many will either withdraw their plans to run for elective posts in different capacities and go into hiding or fortify themselves against the bullets from snipers, “says a politician who pleaded anonymity. This statement reveals that there is panic in the air and 2014 may be more explosive than 2013 in terms of activities and comments capable of heating up the polity.  Should President Jonathan declare as expected perhaps towards the end of the year then, it may lead to a rat race by politicians and many may return to exile in United Kingdom, United States and Canada. That is if OBJ’s claim or allegation against Jonathan is true.

This is one of the reasons why critics are pushing Jonathan to investigate the security allegation leveled against him by Obasanjo especially the training of snipers that may go after the 1000 Nigerians majorly politicians. Though the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki and chieftains of the State Security Service are working alongside other security agencies to probe Obasanjo’s claims but it is believed that the focus of the probe could be to unveil any group or group of persons with a hidden agenda to carry out the claims of Obasanjo just to rubbish Jonathan and his administration.

Those close to the corridors of power revealed that the Presidency was rattled by the news of the busted tyre of the plane carrying 104 passengers including former FCT Minister Mallam Nasri el-Rufai. The former Minister now APC chieftain has been highly critical of Jonathan and his administration which informed the thought that had something more negative happened perhaps it would have led to more suspicion which would inevitably explode the already heated up polity.  It is therefore very necessary that the security personnel charged with the responsibility of probing Obasanjo’s sniper claims work seriously and come out with a tangible result. Nigerians want result and not the traditional recommendation that will end up in the trash can. That is the only way Jonathan can wash his hands off the stains splashed on him by Obasanjo.

It is a stain on President Jonathan whose body language and utterances do not in any way indicate that he could be that heartless to think of training snipers to carry out the dastardly job of executing 1000 Nigerians. The Jonathan that we see on television screen and the Jonathan that told 150 million Nigerians that he is one of them during the 2011 polls cannot be that nefarious to wish his fellow countrymen death all in the name of trying to secure a second term dream.

As our politicians are now waiting for Jonathan’s declaration or otherwise, with the intention to go on exile or stand to confront the outcome of the declaration, it is good to remind them that Nigeria belongs to all of us. And we should do things that will paint the country in a good light.


It does appear that Princess Stella Oduah has more enemies than she ever knew. From one problem to another it seems that her detractors are bent on bringing down. Here is a woman who is still nursing the psychological wounds she got from the October 3, 2013 Associated Airline crash which killed 17 including Deji Falae the commissioner for Special Duties in Ondo State. The plane was actually conveying the corpse of former Ondo State governor Late Olusegun Agagu to Akure for burial when it crashed. Fresh from that Oduah entered into what was labeled ODUAHGATE as she was roped in by the NCAA over the purchase of two bulletproof cars at the cost of N225m. The National Assembly separate investigations by the senate and House of Reps indicted her as several Nigerians called for her sack. President Jonathan refused to sack her even though reports suggested the Oduah was also indicted by the three-man Presidential committee instituted to investigate the bulletproof cars scam.

Oduah has fallen yet into another scam. This time she is said to be flaunting a Master Degree which she never had.

From the look of things it does appear that the Delta-born Princess won’t escape this. Sources say the Presidency is not ready to hear a word from her in defence of the allegation against her since it is becoming one allegation too many. “The body language of the Presidency seems to suggest we cannot continue to cover you up. Your activities are bringing this administration to disrepute and making it look like we are paying lip service to our fight against corruption,” says a Presidency source.

I personally think that there are some persons bent on dealing with this beautiful lady. I was condemned for standing by her during her bulletproof cars ordeal. And I know that I will still be in the firing line for taking a similar position in the latest saga. My position is thus: Before Jonathan sacks Oduah on account of possessing fake Master Degree certificate or lying that she even has any while she has none, let every Minister in his cabinet show their certificates in an exercise I will call OPERATION SHOW YOUR CERTIFICATES. This exercise must not be limited to cabinet members only. It should extend to even the National Assembly, state governors and their commissioners and so on. Until this is done, no one should condemn Oduah for choosing to be the kind of Nigerian she is. The system is rotten and it is the same system that raised people like Oduah. Do we know how many Oduahs Nigeria has in top government positions without certificates? So why crucify this woman.

More so, those after this woman should just stop the witch-hunting exercise. It is very obvious that she is a target of the hatchet men who have been paid to ruin the woman. Only God knows her wrong.  But it is time she is forgiven and left alone. She is not the only cabinet member in Jonathan’s administration. Let Oduah be!

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