ATCON urges govt. to increase broadband penetration in 2014

The Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) has urged the Federal Government to improve the country’s broadband penetration in 2014.

Lanre Ajayi, president of the association told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that internet users still complained of poor services and in some cases inaccessibility, especially in the rural areas. According to him, the average speed of broadband at about six per cent is slow.

“Besides, the demand for broadband generally has outstripped supply hence, the need to improve on penetration.

“Improved broadband penetration is capable of increasing economic activities of individuals,” he said.

Ajayi identified the prevalent multiple taxation by state and local governments as a major hindrance to the deployment of broadband infrastructure.

He said that broadband service would also facilitate the provision of good health, education, agricultural services as well as other sectors of the economy.

Ajayi said that broadband technologies were capable of transforming the way the individuals live and would hasten the achievement of the country’s Millennium Development Goals.

He said that Nigeria had yet to benefit from accessible broadband services provided by subsea cables with its over 70 million mobile users.

He added that the association would support government’s broadband reform.

Ajayi urged the Federal Government to provide special incentives that would encourage operators to invest in broadband roll out.

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