Vocational Stagnancy

We all desire progress and success in whatever we do for a living but a lot of people remain in the same position year in year out. Some blame it on “home trouble” (HT). They believe somebody in their family must be responsible for their failure in life. I believe the factors militating against progress in an individual’s field of endeavor are both internal and external with the internal taking the greater chunk of the blame. We are our own greatest hindrance. Our attitude towards our present means of livelihood and self development.

You are doing a job not because you enjoy it but just to earn a living. You can still make the best out of the situation by striving to be the best you can be in that profession. I came across an individual who told me his story. The summary is that he had worked for 24 years in a particular field and according to him he has got nothing to show for it. I asked him how he improved himself while he was on the that job and there was silence.

How then can he move if he is still brandishing qualifications he acquired close to 30 years ago.
You are a journalist and you came into the  profession with a degree in religious studies or no degree at all. You didn’t think it is necessary for you to do something related to the profession. You also don’t bother to get exclusive stories. You are a doctor with MBBS you don’t think you should go for residency examination. Of course  your juniors in medical school who are now consultants/specialists will become your boss. No matter what you do for a living -banker, businessman, hairdresser etc. – you need to upgrade yourself. Some say “but  I don’t have a job.” So you can’t find something to do with your hands. Such people are just lazy physically and mentally. You can start a small business. The Lagos State Government have skill acquisition centers in almost all the LCDAs. You can learn a variety of skills – hairdressing, barbing, GSM phone repair etc. I attended a business seminar some time ago and the key point I took home with me is this: Ensure that your business idea meet a need in your immediate community and the society. This is what will ensure inflow of profit. I know a couple who lost their jobs almost at the same time. One worked in a bank the other in a telecommunications company. That would have been the end of the road for some people but not for these two. The wife started a hairdressing salon and the husband started a barber shop. Today they own a car wash, laundries, barber shops, hairdressing salon with close to 15 staff.

Your progress in life depends on you. You either start your personal pity party and bemoan your bad lot in  life or prayerfully do something to change your circumstances.

If you are being passed over for promotion make yourself more marketable by upgrading yourself. If your worth is not recognized because of bad “belle” seek greener pastures. A lot of beefing and use of bottom power goes on in many organizations. Some heads of organization are so eaten up by pettiness that they take decisions that are counterproductive. Some are so under the control of the skirts they chase in the office that they take decisions to please their “office wives” and displease other staff. You might have been passed over for promotion and your position given to a female colleague just because ‘oga at the top is browsing her website on a regular basis. Not to worry. No one can put you down except you allow it. So put in your best, upgrade yourself. Remember you are doing it for yourself. Your aim is to move forward in your profession.

In conclusion  I believe the bedrock of progressing in whatever we do in life is involving the GOD factor because without  Him we will be struggling through life in vain.


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