Resurrection: Abacha is back

…Son of Late former Head of State vows to realize political ambition 

Those who think that the family of Late former Head of State Gen. Sani Abacha is done with power may need to do a rethink as the son of the Late despotic leader Mohammed has vowed to reach the height of his political ambition even though his political career is yet to take off. Mohammed had signified his interest to contest as a governorship election in Kano State but he was prevailed upon by close associates and friends of his father not to since none of the major political parties was willing to have him as a candidate following the image he carries as a result of his father’s unpopular regime. That was in 2007

Mohammed in 2011 again made some moves to contest as a federal lawmaker but before he decided on which wing of the National Assembly (senate or House of Reps) news came that some of the monies his Late father starched in oversees accounts (about $250) was recovered and that the Federal Government is making frantic efforts to bring it in from Switzerland. That piece of information neutralized the burning desire of Mohammed to officially launch his political ambition.

However National Weekender has scooped that despite the close tab the federal government is keeping on the Abachas through the EFCC, SSS, CBN and the Finance Ministry concerning the recovery of money the former Head of State kept in several banks abroad and despite the refusal of the major political parties to keeping the Abachas at arms length, Mohammed has vowed to march on in realizing his political ambition.

Mohammed who spoke to our correspondent in a recent private function in the Abachas family home in Kano assured that no one can destroy his political ambition and it is absolutely wrong and inhuman for anyone to attach his father’s deeds to his (Mohammed’s) life. His words, “I am a Nigerian who has a right to seek any political office or post in the land. I am not an alien. I have made my intention to seek a couple of offices known to my associates and family friends. Of course I expect challenges and obstacles like every other person interested in politics would face but it won’t deter me or stop my ambition. If political parties of my interest create obstacles to stop me, there are others that can accommodate me. But I must say that it is absolutely wrong and inhuman for anyone to attach my Late father’s administration to my ambition. They should allow his spirit and soul to rest in peace and let members of his family move on with their lives. We cannot be thrown away like outcasts just because our father is dead. I know that if he was alive today the same people castigating his family would be willing and happy to identify with us. That is the irony of life.”

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