I’m better of being born again –Eucharia Anunobi

Born Again star actress Evangelist Eucharia Anunobi has revealed that she is better of being a “born again” than the person she was before God called her. UK as she is fondly called in Nollywood told National Weekender in an exclusive chat in Lagos that she is lucky to have been arrested by God.

Her words, “I count myself lucky. God calls those He loves and I am happy to be one of the few favorites of the Almighty.”

The proud mother and divorcee added that, “If I knew what I know now probably I won’t have gone into acting.” She further pointed out that most people who go into acting do so as a result of frustration. “most people who have no jobs see acting as an opportunity to fulfill their calling. Since they don’t want to be jobless or being seen as idle they take up acting jobs and do all manner of things. But I thank God for my life that after all God chooses me to work in His Vineyard.”

On whether she will go back to acting she says, “there several fields in acting. We have the gospel films. I may go into acting gospel films as a way of evangelizing the good news. Truth is that as a born again I owe God the obligation of preaching His words and that includes doing things that will propagate His Kingdom.”

She used the opportunity of the chat to clear the air on the statement credited to her that she misses social life. Her words, “I hate being quoted out of context. I didn’t say I missed social life rather I said life as an actress is different from life as an evangelist and that one may be made to feel like she missed the acting life giving its social inclination. I am happy as an evangelist because I still meet people and travel a lot just like I do in acting. So there is really nothing that I miss. “



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