Animal protein confab for Abuja

Agribusiness leaders, organizations and authorities have the unique opportunity in January to take part free of charge in a one-day international summit on further development of poultry, aquaculture and feed production.

The meeting to be held on January 15, in Abuja will attract farmer’s processors, retailers, government officials and representatives of the feed business.

The organizers said international experts in poultry and aquaculture will present the meeting with examples of technical best practices as the foundation for an efficient and effective expansion of animal protein supplies from the nation’s farms.

There will also be a focus on investment opportunities and encouraging young people and women to explore the potential for employment in the agricultural sector nationally.

Tagged: VIV International Nigeria Summit, the programme is arranged as part of a series of roadshow activities by VIV Europe 2014, a global expo for poultry and livestock husbandry and processing.

To organize the international summit in Nigeria, the team behind VIV Europe are partnering with local agricultural corporation Nate Farms Enterprises Nigeria Limited.

The programme will feature parallel walk-in sessions of 30 minutes each which cover the major poultry themes: Feed and Nutrition; Breeding and Hatching; Farm Management; Health; and Processing and Handling. These sessions include remarks by specialists from a number of VIV Europe exhibitors for the poultry sector as well as an insight into broiler chain production in Brazil, arranged for the summit by the World’s Poultry Science Association.

Professor Mrs Daisy Eruvbetine of the animal nutrition department at the University of Agriculture in Abeokuta is a featured speaker in discussions on the prospects and challenges facing feed and poultry industries in Nigeria. The health segments of the summit have been compiled with the assistance of the World Veterinary Poultry Association.

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