Pastor Impregnates Woman 38, Daughter 16

A widow Ngozika Beatrice Ogonna age 38 and her 16 years old SS3 daughter Philomena Ogonna have been allegedly impregnated by a pastor of one of the new generation churches (Hope of Life Ministry) in Bariga, a suburb in Lagos. The pastor heads the branch of the church which the widow and her three children attend.

National Weekender gathered that the pastor (Favour Godspower) has been taking care of the widow’s family since the breadwinner passed on a couple of years ago. But suddenly his regular visits at nights to the home of the widow drew that attention of the congregation especially when they discovered that the woman is pregnant. In the course of trying to find out who the father of the baby the widow is carrying is, the church got to understand that her daughter is also pregnant and even took in before the widow.

On discovering that it was the randy pastor that put mother and daughter in family way the youths in the church pounced on him during one of their vigils beating him to a state of stupor. They had warned the pastor not to come to church again since he was not the owner of the property used as church auditorium. The woman and her daughter have since stopped attending service and the pastor is said to be at large.

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