PDP Slams APC, Fashola Over Corruption In Lagos

The Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos State has accused the All Progressives Congress-led government of mismanagement of state resources, corruption and human rights abuse.

The Lagos PDP described Governor Babatunde Fashola as insincere.

Chairman of the party in the state, Olatunji Shelle, while addressing party faithful at the PDP General Assembly in Lagos on Thursday, said there was need to educate the electorate on the “incalculable damage” that had allegedly been done by the ruling APC “in various colours and guises.”

He added that the state needed a change in the 2015 general elections, saying that APC had nothing to offer the electorate.

Shelle said, “We have some questions for Governor Babatunde Fashola, for which we are demanding answers. Some of these questions have been asked in the past but up till now, he is yet to respond to them. They are subsisting questions because they border on public trust and, indeed, his own integrity and leadership.

“The ongoing trial of the Lagos State (House of Assembly) Speaker, Adeyemi Ikuforiji, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission over money laundering and the attitude of the relevant bodies in the government remains a puzzle

“We are very concerned about (the) governor’s indifference to this serious allegation. Now, we are calling on the governor again to speak up. Otherwise, his silence over time would mean approval of corruption.”

The PDP chairman also criticized the attitude of the Assembly to the issue, saying it amounted to complicity. He said for the sake of morality and public good, Ikuforiji should step aside pending the determination of his trial by the EFCC.

Shelle called on the Fashola administration and the Assembly to probe alleged corruption claims against some local government area chairmen.

“If the governor fails to take a stand as a necessary step expected of him, then our only conclusion will be that he is actually shielding them from prosecution and this has implication for his high office,” he added.

The party chairman added, “After floating miserably on the Marina water for so long, the controversial Sunburn Yatch, which cost the Lagos State Government a whooping N8bn suddenly disappeared, only to be sighted at Thames in England.

“Where are the two LASG helicopters? In 2007, these helicopters were bought from the now over N120bn Lagos State Security Trust Fund, purportedly to combat crime.”

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