Kwara First Lady Killed My Mum –Dr. Segun Adeoye

Dr. Segun Adeoye son of Mrs. Victoria Adeoye, one of the victims of the “killer convoy” of Kwara State First Lady Mrs. Abdulfatah has accused the later of aiding the death of his mother. At the burial ceremony of the Late Mrs. Adeoye last week, Dr. Adeoye said, “but for the recklessness of the convoy of the Kwara State First Lady my mum would have been alive today. I am really sad because she (Kwara First Lady) is not showing any remorse or concern and that goes to show the level of impunity of those in power. We will seek redress in court and ensure that justice is done. My mother cannot just be killed in broad daylight and they expect us to keep quite. I vow to bring Kwara State First Lady to book and I won’t mind if she uses her influence to kill me just like she killed my mother.”

Mrs. Victoria Adeoye

Mrs. Victoria Adeoye

Recall that the convoy of Kwara State First Lady had literally chased away a tipper from the road which crushed the car in which Mrs. Adeoye and one other person were killed in Lagos weeks ago. Mrs. Adeoye was 63 years old and the other victim was in his early 30. Mrs. Adeoye is a philanthropist who runs a couple of charity organizations. During her interment, tears flowed freely as people who knew her recalled her act of giving and touching lives. One Mrs. Dora Akinyemi said, “we have lost a rare gem. This woman is God sent and she has really affected lives positively. Those who killed her will have to answer questions from God because they have left those who benefitted from her exposed to the dangers of hunger and deprivation. God will not forgive her killers.”

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