Menace of Killer Convoys

Just as the dusts raised by the shocking yet avoidable death of Prof. Festus Iyayi, former President of ASUU is settling down, another death in a similar manner that cut short the life of the professor took place, this time in Lagos and perhaps to a lesser personality. The victim of another killer convoy is one Mrs. Victoria Adeoye, said to be a philanthropist who runs a couple of charity organizations.

She was killed alongside another person who was not identified two weeks back by the reckless driving of the convoy of Kwara State First Lady Hajia Abdulfatah. The convoy of the First Lady according to report virtually chased a tipper driver off his lane as the tipper ran into a car carrying Mrs. Adeoye and others. Their lives were cut short. Late Mrs. Adeoye has since been buried.

Recall that the convoy carrying Kogi State governor, Idris Wada, killed Prof. Iyayi along the Lokoja/Abuja road weeks ago and the outcome of the investigation of that incident is still being expected by members of the public even as Nigerians are calling for a bill to check the excesses of these killer convoys to be raised and passed into law.

Indeed it is becoming clear that until the rotten tooth is pulled out, the mouth must chew with caution. If the impunity with which these killer convoys operate is not stopped then Nigerians can assume that the easiest way to die is by being killed by a killer convoy. How many of the likes of Mrs. Adeoye have had their lives cut short unnoticed in our highways by these killer convoys?

It is high time the National Assembly took a decisive action to check the menace of these killer convoys. A law is needed streamline the activities of public office holders and their convoys. There is really no sense in a convoy carrying a public officer having more than three cars, more so, it should be made clear who and who should really drive in a convoy especially with blaring siren which often scare other road users and force them into pits of death.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) shortly after the death of Prof. Iyayi requested that drivers of public office holders who move in convoys should come under its scrutiny, but nothing has been done in that regards. In fact FRSC was short of asking for the sack of the drivers but in a situation where the powers-that-be will be grossly affected by such decision, it was swept under the carpet. But with the continuous wanton killings on the highways by the killer convoys is becoming embarrassing and painting a very ugly picture of the country before the international community.

It appears that safety of lives is not given paramount attention by government and that belittles Nigeria in the League of Nations that give priority to human lives and safety. With the terrorists activities in the North which has claimed hundreds of lives and the activities of kidnappers which is fast becoming a way of life and a booming business in the South East and South South, Nigeria has continued to be an unsafe place and if deaths by killer convoys is added surely it leaves more to be desired. It is time government stopped paying lip service to ending this menace. It is time for real action. Enough is enough!

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