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•Slot Limited is a household name in the mobile phone business in Nigeria. Our correspondent Stephen Aya caught up with the General Manager (Marketing) Stanley Uzoechina during the grand opening of the new Ikorodu branch and had a brief chart with him where he revealed that Slot limited is all about quality at affordable prices. Excerpt…

Hello sir, Can we meet you

I am Stanley Uzoechina. l am the General Manager(Marketing) of Slot Limited.

When was Slot incorporated?

Slot was incorporated in 1998 and we started importation of computers and it accessories in the same year.

What informed the change from computers to phones?

Vision, Vision,Vision.My Chairman saw the opportunities, calculated his risk and decided to go into it, eventhough Nigeria was still politically unstable at that time but he looked at it and decided the business was viable so he went headlong into it. The rest they say is history.

Part of your philosophy is to put a phone in the hands of every Nigerian, how far have you gone with that?

When the GSM Companies started business in Nigeria they were selling mobile phones, but their phones plus line were expensive. My M.D looked at it and asked why, these people buy these phones at a cheaper rate than what they sell, so he said we will just add something as running cost, thereby making it affordableand attractive and we can all see the result today. So we are people oriented. Slot Limited put the people first. It is our policy to ensure that our products, goods and service are beneficial to the people and by this I mean the people must be able to purchase them and use them effectively. That is our philosophy.

Is Slot going into the manufacturing of mobile phones?

Not in the near future.For now we remain in the retail business. Don’t forget that phone has so many components and what most people do is to assemble these components and brand it their name. Another thing you have to look at is the cost, we are very careful to make sure that our customers not only get the best but at an affordable price.

Customer satisfaction is of major importance to the growth of Slot, how far have you gone in achieving this?

We have gone very far and I should say without sounding immodest that our customers have always been treated like royals each time they come to our outlets. We were the first to give our customerswarranty on phones purchase and we make sure that our after sale service center is top notch. So our customers will have nothing to complain about. At Slot we employ the best hands to work and this has boost efficiency and professionalism. Furthermore we at Slot get regular training on the job. Still not done, we have a monthly magazine which we publish 30,000 copies for distribution to our customers and we also have customer form. We have gone as far as bringing people from the consumer protection agency to educate our customer on their rights as to whatever they purchase.

Slot has 34 branches now are we expecting more?

Yes we should expect more. We hope that before the end of the year the Yenegoa branch and the second Abuja branch too should open for business. We hope to open nationwide, we know that some people come from as far as Sokoto just to buy phones from us ,therefor we also went to reduce that stress for them by going close to very soon we will cover the whole nation.

Thank you very much sir for your time.

Thank you for talking to me.




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