Trendy In Your Boyfriend Jeans

•Boyfriend jeans are comfortable, cute jeans that are a bit loose. It is casual but chic.  Boyfriend jeans are meant to look like you borrowed them from your boyfriend, choose a worn pair of jeans, If you want to be true to the name “boyfriend jeans,” the more distressed, faded or frayed the better even if you bought them hours ago. Don’t go overboard with this though, the jeans can look slightly worn but shouldn’t be really old, messy or look like they need to be thrashed.

It sounds masculine but should actually add a feminine touch to any wardrobe. Though the boyfriend jeans are meant to look a bit big and like they could have belonged to a man, they shouldn’t actually be made to fit a man’s body but a lady’s, If you buy a pair of men’s pants, they’ll be too baggy and will not flatter your body shape. So resist the temptation to wear men’s pants! Here are tips to help get you started, you are welcome…

The cut of the jeans

This depends on your body type. Look for a flattering cut, boyfriend jeans come mid to high waisted or low-waisted, which is suitable for bigger framed bodies and slim built bodies respectively. The right pair of boyfriend jeans should fit perfectly around the waist, whether its low-cut, mid-cut, or high-cut. They should not be so baggy that your figure is lost in them.

Consider the wash of the jeans

Boyfriend jeans come in a variety of washes; dark, light blue or Acid. The darker wash is often a bit formal and dressier than the lighter wash. The darker washes also suit older women as they call less attention to themselves bringing more attention to your upper body.

 Quality of the jeans

Get a quality pair of boyfriend jeans, they tend to look more tasteful. Check the strength of the stitching on the jeans, a good pair is done with thick thread. The texture of the fabric should also be strong, heavy high quality denim.  Though a pair with light fabric is usually preferred, chances are they are made out of cheap material.

Use a belt

Though they should fit you around the waist, Boyfriend jeans are popularly worn with a belt, which should match your shoes; they both don’t have to be the exact color If you have brown shoes, for instance, your belt should be in the spectrum of brown, not black.

A brown belt is a go-to with this type of jeans. Opt for a thinner belt for a dressier look or wear a thicker belt for a more fun look. If your belly will be exposed, wearing a belt will draw more attention to your midriff.


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