Five Fun Ways To Keep Fit

•Exercising daily is highly recommended, however due to busy work schedules it may be difficult to engage in proper fitness activities everyday. The weekends then make a better option. Your fitness regime during the weekend doesn’t need to be anything complex, there are ways to exercise and keep fit while having fun as well.

Here are some examples:


1. Gather your friends:

Going to the gym with friends make weekend exercising more fun. You and your pals can gist and laugh while burning calories. Whether at the gym or at your backyard, having company makes exercising so much better. Make your workout session even more fun one with music and games like daring each other to do 50 sit ups for an amount of money.

2. Do more walking:

During the week for those with sedentary jobs, try to do more walking to burn calories. Don’t always take your car or hitch a ride to work, do some walking sometimes. Walk your dog or take a stroll in the evening listening to your favourite dance song.

3. Take dance classes:

Dancing isn’t just moving your body to music; it can also be a rigorous workout routine. Dancing involves moving all the parts of your body and is very good aerobic exercise as it also helps you sweat. If you’re too shy to dance around people, get some loud music you can really move to and dance your heart out in front of your bedroom mirror.

4. Play soccer/basketball/badminton/tennis:

After a long week, you can go to any recreational center with or without your friends and engage in some sport. Sports tones the leg and arm muscles as most of them include running and using the hands.

5. Go swimming:

Don’t just go splashing in a pool, put your muscles to work. Swim a couple of laps in all the different strokes you can. Swimming is a great aerobic workout because all your muscles are put to use to propel you forward or backward.



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