Akeem Shodeinde Re-opens Club

In an attempt to get back on his feet after a prolonged sickness, Mr Akeem Shodeinde Friday, reopened his club, “Movida.

The Club had been shut down as a result of dwindling fate at the height of Akeem’s illness.

The managers in charge, his brother Sherrif and cousin, Tonye couldn’t handle sustain the tempo of the thriving enterprise in the absence of the towering image of individual dubbed King of the Night Clubs.

Now back on his feet (though arguably sound), Shodeinde wants to regain his fame in the night life business, with the relaunch of his business.

And he is eyeing the night club owners high earning month of December to achieve this.

Sources however claimed, against the backdrop of huge expenses his recovery cost ( after relentless visits to local and specialist care centers, he was ferried abroad for surgery. And currently on special treatment) Akeem needs financial inputs of investors to bounce back.

Informants claimed he is currently making the rounds, trying to ‘talk the money out of prospective investors’, even though the responses are not ‘as expected’, the celebrated club owner is tagged ‘not relenting’.


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